Timeless Ukrainian cuisine

The idea
Astonishing modern Ukrainian cuisine

This is a kind of Ukrainian gastronomy you’ve never vitnesed before. At least, because it has never been presented from this angle. Could you belive if someone told you Ukrainian food is fresh and healthy? That most dishes fit perfectly with a glass of wine or a fancy cocktail? 100 YEARS BACK IN FUTURE – is not a rebranding of borsch, but a fundamentally new form of Ukrainian cuisine with it’s own superfoods, exotic recipes and newborn traditions with long roots.



The real story starts inside

Our true goal is not to feed you, but rather to tell you an exciting story that you’ve never heard before. This kind of story stands behind every detail in the restaurant. And we have a talent, inspiration and an inexhaustible desire to tell you every last one of them. Waiting for you in the very center of the Kyiv. Sincerely yours 100 YEARS BACK IN FUTURE

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